Karen Lang

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The Best of Two Worlds

A native of Wellsville, New York, USA, Lang's discovery of painting as a form of expression undoubtedly developed out of a lifelong affinity to music. Even as a small child she wanted to play the piano - a wish her parents finally satisfied by buying an old upright for $20. Violin lessons followed, as well as organ and then music studies at Ithaca College and Wichita State University.

After completing studies and a year of public school teaching, the wanderlust overcame her. Lang felt the need to explore the European roots of our musical and cultural heritage. With suitcase and fiddle in hand, she set off for Germany and soon landed a job playing violin with the Berliner Symphoniker – one of the orchestras with which she still plays. Berlin has become home away from home; here she has an art studio and works as a freelance musician.

Lang speaks about her artistic activities:

Sooner or later it was inevitable that I take hold of a paintbrush - painting is a natural extension of music/violin playing; it offers freedoms that are unknown to orchestra musicians and is a wonderful complement to the audible arts. Borderlines between right and wrong fade away and the colors of major and minor become visible, tangible properties. Composer, conductor and performer are one.

Today, Lang combines her painting with musical activities and maintains studios both in Berlin, Germany, and in her hometown of Wellsville, New York.

A Selection of KlangArt Exhibits: